9 Things Men Can Never Understand About Women

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1) Why are women's feet always cold?

It is the conspiracy theory that women have cold feet to torture their men. Nah! Just kidding!

2) Why do they shower in scorching hot water?

Yes, most women bath with scorching hot water and we men wonder why but can't have an answer!

3) How things appear magically before them but not us?

We look for things but can't find but women pick the same thing from the same spot. How is it possible?

4) Why do they wax their brows just to draw the back?

Women just wax their eyebrows and then draw them even darker with the pen afterwards. Why?

5) How can women talk on the phone for hours?

Women love to talk on the phone with besties, bf, family, or friends. Don't they get tired?

6) Why do women need a lopt of pillows?

Women need a lot of pillows to sleep on. Why? Sure they crave men but have to work with pillows.

7) Why do they ask questions while watching Movies or TV?

Yes, women do this? Why can't you just enjoy the movie or the show?

8) Why do you ask for opinions if you have to ignore them?

Yes, women do this! They fist ask for opinions and when we give them, they either get angry or just ignore them.

9) Why do women get mad over a dream?

If you saw us with another woman in the dream, it does not mean we are really doing it in reality!

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