9 Things That Kill More People Than We Think

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1) Driving drowsy

It is definitely the most common cause of death that we did not think about. People who not have slept or have sleepy eyes should no drive to stay safe. 

2) Tripping

Tripping results in death in more than 17,000 people in the UK alone due to injuries incurred from it. It is an often overlooked cause of death.

3) Stairs

Stairs, those culprits are in everyone's homes. They cause more than 20 million injuries and 200,000 death every year. 

4) Untreated Dental Issues

Yes, dental issues can cause death. Actually, these can result in heart attack and strokes. So always pay attention to your dental problems.

5) Mozzarella Sticks

People get choked on mozzarella sticks. These are the most common food that chokes thousands of people and cause death. 

6) Street Fights

Surely, you have watched street fights, but these can really get deadly and result in death causing injuries. It is common in the USA. 

7) High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure will suddenly get life out of you and there will be no time to save the person. Watching your blood pressure is the only thing to do. 

8) Untreated Infections

Untreated infections will result in your body killing itself off to kill the infections. So it is necessary to keep a check on infections. 

9) Influenz

Yes that common cold results in 300k-500k death per year globally and 12k-50k in the USA. So never avoid influenza and get treatment right away.

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