9 Things To Avoid In Your Online Dating Profile

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1) Never Talk Bad About Online Dating

If you are searching for a partner online and through online dating apps and still cursing or talking badly about the method, then it comes as turn-off. 

2) Do not lie

Never ever lie about your personal details like weight, age, or anything else in an online dating profile. If lies ad found later, the person will not be intereseted.

3) Never list your preferneces

Some people list their preferences in their dating profile like looking for a man earning this much amount or not a divorce etc. It is not the right thing to do. 

4) Never write about ex in your profile

Surely you all know how bad it will sound to another person if you are bitching or writing something in your profile about your ex. 

5) Never say saddening things

You need to avoid writing about sad things in your profile like your single status, about your first date experiences etc. Not a good thing to do. 

6) Never share too much

Also, avoid sharing too much in your profile and writing a lot of things. No one will pay much attention so write precise and accurate things. 

7) Avoid writing cliched phrases

Some people use, 'love to have fun,' or 'queen' or many such phrases. These look too childish and don't attract another person. 

8) Do not leave anything blank

You need to fill in every detail in your profile but it needs to be precise. Because a person will know more about you through dating profile and can make decision. 

9) Avoid asking for too much

Some people just demand their future person be caring, treating them like king/queen or many things. This should not be written and also should be avoided in real life. 

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