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9 US Cities To Avoid For Relocating or Travel

1) Stockton, California

Reason: High crime rate, cost of living, poverty rate, and struggling economy of the city. Also, a lot of homeless people.

2) Bakersfield, California

Reason: High crime rate, property crime, gang-related violence & theft.

3) Camden, New Jersey

Reason: High crime rate, gang-related violence, theft, and safety issues at night.

4) Houston, Texas

Reason: The city has a major crime problem making it unsafe. 

5) East ST. Louis, Illinois

Reason: Safety issues at night. You also need to run every red light to reach safely to your place at night.

6) Jackson, Mississippi

Reason: Drug-related crimes, violent crimes, and property crimes in the city. 

7) Miami, Florida

Reason: The big, large & diverse city has its own share of crime. 

8) Binghamton, New York

Reason: The main reason for not visiting or moving to this city is that it is a depressing city.

9) Baltimore, Maryland

Reason: Theft is the main reason to not visit this city. 

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