9 Worst Drawbacks of Being a Man

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1) Hair Issues

“Hair. "Too much in the wrong places and not enough in the right places," remarked a user. "Why does hair appear on the buttocks? Why?''

2) Expected Not to Cry

A Reddit user admitted, "Sometimes I just want a hug and a good cry, but I get strange looks if I ask my friends."

3) Men Are Expected Always To Have It Together

One user remarked, "People expect you to be composed in any circumstance."

4) Baldness

Someone said, "I was talking about this with my wife." At 17, I noticed a change, and by 19, I had a large bald spot.''

5) Domestic Violence Victims

No one will believe you if you say you've been a victim of domestic violence. "Most people don't believe women are capable of being vicious," said one user.

6) Need for Physical Touch

When you're single, there's no one to physically touch. One user said, "It's been about six years since I got a real hug.

7) Initiating Romance

"As a straight man, there is societal pressure to be the one who pursues a woman, and with that comes a great deal of rejection," said one Reddit user.

8) Expected To Do Heavy Lifting

"As the only man in the office, I am expected to lift heavy objects while appearing muscular despite having skinny arms.''

9) Not Being Acknowledged as a Father

"Being labeled a Creeper by society while merely attempting to raise my daughter. lone father of a daughter. And a tall man.''

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