Achy Bones? These Foods Might Be The Culprits!

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If your bones hurt, it could be because they are overly sensitive or because of some other issue. There are, however, foods that will make your aching bones feel even worse.

1) Processed Red Meat

Consuming high-fat hot dogs, fast food burgers, and sausages may increase your future risk of having joint problems because of their pro-inflammatory properties.

These ultra-processed meats contain nitrites and purines, two chemicals that have been linked to inflammation and joint pain.

2) Sugary Drinks & Soda

Increased joint discomfort has been linked to a diet high in sugary drinks such soda and sugar-sweetened lemonades and teas.

Do you understand that sugary foods contribute to tooth decay by eroding the tooth enamel? That's also true of the bones in your body.

3) Full-Fat Dairy Products

While the calcium in dairy products is beneficial for bone health, casein may aggravate existing joint inflammation and swelling.

Some people may be more prone to developing joint pain if they consume foods like whole milk and butter.

4) Some Seafoods

Some foods, especially shellfish, can cause painfully brittle bones. There is a substantial amount of "purine" in the diet from fish intake.

Uric acid is produced during purine metabolism. Gout is a condition that can develop when crystals of uric acid build up in the joints.

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