Add Bananas To Your Pancakes! Here's Why!

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There are numerous sorts of pancakes available nowadays. Some of our favorite pancake varieties are buttermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana.

If you want to add a unique element to your flapjacks, Bon App├ętit says bananas are the perfect addition. This is why.

When customizing your pancakes, Bon Appetit recommends adding some ingredients throughout the cooking process because they will otherwise burn.

Chocolate chips and berries are included. But, Bananas caramelize as the pancake cooks, thus they're an exception.

According to MasterClass, caramelization is a cooking process that turns the naturally occurring sugar in foods a golden brown and imparts a sweet, "nutty" flavor.

Soggy banana pancakes? If your banana pancakes are soggy, the skillet is too hot, causing the outside to cook too quickly.

Health Benefits

According to Healthline, adding bananas to your pancakes is a wonderful way to increase your intake of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C.

Although pancakes on their own will make you feel full, the website suggests supplementing them with high-protein yogurt for even more satiety.

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