Always Charge Your Phone This Way For Battery Health!

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There is a very good way to charge your devices that will make the battery last as long as possible. You can give it a try right now!

The Trick!

You should only charge your phone halfway to slow down the rate at which the battery dies. The best place for your battery to stay charged is between 25 and 85%.

Don't let the plug after 100%

Extreme stress can be put on lithium-ion batteries. Letting the phone charge past 100 percent is one of the leading causes of battery damage in smartphones.

Also avoid this!

Avoid letting your phone's battery completely discharge to zero; instead, only allow it to charge to about 85% before unplugging.

If you do fully charge your battery, do not leave the device plugged in all the time as this will hasten the aging of your electronics.

Other Things To Do!

Lowering the screen's brightness, turning off features you don't use, like location, specific apps, and notifications, and using low power mode to prolong the battery's life.

Obviously, these are merely recommendations; leaving your phone charging overnight poses no risk.

However, if you follow the instructions, your battery will last much longer, which will save you money in the long run.

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