Amazon's 16 hottest kitchen gadgets

Use a vegetable noodle maker to make low-carb, high-flavor meals. This spiralizer has six blade styles for endless pasta options. Hand-cranked tool isn't just for zoodles. Unexpected vegetables spiralize well.


With this digital meat thermometer, you'll never overcook a ribeye. This kitchen gadget measures temperature in less than seven seconds and is one of this pro chef's six grilling secrets. Medium-rare is 140oF.

Thermometer digital

The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yoghurt maker, saute pan, and warmer. Instant Pot recipes solve all dinner problems. Use this with Instant Pot accessories.

Instant Pot Pro

This mixing tool makes pie-making easy. Use a pastry blender to combine wet and dry ingredients when making pie dough. The company will replace a broken pastry blender.

Pastry Blender

Cast iron makes everything better. Lodge's cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned and nonstick when you open the box. It has a silicone pan holder. Our Test Kitchen loves this pan.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Nothing beats a schmear-topped morning (or afternoon) bagel. Cutting a bagel in half feels impossible—until now. This Amazon-reviewed bagel guillotine cuts evenly without mess. Taste of Home editor confirms it slices through a thick New York bagel. Yum!

Bagel Guillotine

It's annoying and inaccurate to convert grammes and ounces to cups. Bake more accurately with an 11-pound kitchen scale. Doubtful you need a kitchen gadget? Four reasons you should.

Digital Food Scale

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