Are Eggs Beneficial for Diabetes?

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Diabetes requires more complex food regimens, and one breakfast staple, the egg, is confusing many. Can people with diabetes eat eggs?

Diabetics must choose foods that enhance their blood sugar without raising cholesterol. So, Diabetes-friendly eggs?

Actually, excess egg consumption affects cholesterol and diabetes risk. British Journal of Nutrition found excessive egg consumption raised diabetes risk over 18 years.

Another study conducted in 2015 reaffirmed the link between high consumption of animal protein and eggs and an increased risk of diabetes.

But, Eggs are an excellent source of pure animal protein. And because protein is the building block for muscles, diabetics must also consume it.

If you want to enjoy your morning egg without increasing your cholesterol, WebMD recommends limiting your weekly egg consumption to three.

One egg contains 200 mg of the recommended 300 mg daily cholesterol intake. However, according to Healthline, you do not have to eliminate them entirely.

Since eggs have no cholesterol in the whites, you can consume them without worrying about your cholesterol intake.

Fresh ingredients like spinach and peppers can give your omelet more body. Add some egg whites to your avocado toast or poach an egg to top your pancakes.

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