Attract Birds To Your Garden With These Plants!

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1) Trumpet honeysuckle

The little red berries are a delicacy for songbirds, and when the plant matures, it provides birds with a safe place to nest and useful nesting materials.

2) Sunflowers

Sunflower seeds are a popular food source for migrating birds because of their high calorie content.

3) Serviceberry 

They share the same genus as roses and serviceberries. They produce attractive flowers and berries (both insects and birds adore) in the spring and summer.

4) Milkweed 

Milkweed is an attractive perennial herb that is crucial to the survival of the monarch butterfly population and many other species of pollinators.

5) Elderberry 

Elderberry is a great plant for your garden and provides sustenance for a wide variety of birds and other animals.

6) Virginia creeper

It is included on our list of bird-friendly plants due to its tendency to produce dense foliage, which provides shelter for a variety of species.

7) Staghorn sumac

This plant boasts bright red flowers, woody stalks, and long leaves to attract a broad range of birds.

8) Coneflower

This hardy native perennial is a favorite in many gardens, and it provides food and shelter for a broad variety of creatures.

9) Beautyberry 

The berry clusters that form on bird-friendly plants are a welcome bonus to the plants' structural integrity.

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