Avoid Giving These Foods To Your Dogs

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1) Apples

The amygdalin in seeds of apples is poisonous to dogs but this too in large quantities.

2) Garlic

The thiosulfate in garlic can damage the red blood cells of dogs. So avoid it to give it to your dog.

3) Macadamia nuts

These nuts are most toxic and they can cause the dogs to vomit, weakness and other issues. 

4) Mustard

It is toxic to dogs in high quantity so small amounts can be ok. 

5) Artificial sweetener

These sweeteners can cause dogs top to have high insulin levels which are dangerous for them. 

6) Chocolate

The theobromine in chocolates is really harmful for dogs.

7) Onions

It is due to thiosulfate that onions are harmful to dogs, so avoid giving them onions.

8) Cooked bones

Cooked bones can cause constipation in dogs which can be fatal for dogs. 

9) Caffeine

It can be harmful if swallowed a handful by dogs.

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