Avoid These 5 Unluckiest Colors For Your Bedroom! 

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Some of the most popular bedroom paint ideas, from white to purple, may bring ill luck. Here are the five colors that, according to experts, are the most awful.

1) Black

Astrologer Tara Bennet advises that this color may bring you ill luck, despite the fact that black bedroom designs are among the most daring choices.

Black is regarded unfortunate in many cultures, and its dark intensity stimulates melancholy, wrath, and fear.

2) Purple 

Because of its association with riches, purple is an ever-popular bedroom color. However, Tara cautions that the luxury has an ominous undertone.

Purple, like black, is a color associated with death. Negative energy blocks good luck from entering your dreams and waking life.

3) White 

White is the cleanest of all hues, and it signifies holiness. White often promotes cheerfulness throughout a home, but it should be avoided in the bedroom.

This may come as a surprise, but the expert says that white is especially detrimental if you are attempting to start a family, as it symbolizes sterility.

4) Brown

In the same vein as black, brown is not a good choice for a bedroom. This color not only makes your home feel dreary and uninspiring, but also contributes to emotions of despair.

The usage of any of these hues in the bedroom is associated with an increased risk of experiencing persistent emotions of sorrow or despair and a decline in sleep quality.

5) Dark gray

Experts caution against a too-dark bedroom. Like black and dark brown, it's an unlucky hue best avoided in the bedroom. 

Avoiding hues like gray that cause powerful physical and emotional emotions is important for your wellbeing.

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