Bad Luck Foods Not To Eat On New Year's Eve

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1) Poultry or Turkey

Why: It is said that poultry scratch in the dirt to find food, and if you eat them on new year's eve, you can be scratching for money and fortune.

2) Crab & Lobster

Why: As they move backwards, it is considered unlucky, as you can have set backs in the coming 12 months.

3) Bottom Feeders

Why: As they rely on scraped from the sea bottom, you should not eat them on the new year, as bad luck can happen to you.

4) White Foods

Why: As per Chinese traditions, white is the color of death and bad fortune. So try to avoid white foods on new year's eve.

5) Short Noodles

Why: Short or broken noodles are considered as back luck in Asia. It is known to result in shortened lifespan so avoid these.

6) Beef

Why: Cows are lazy and stand still and graze in the same place. So you surely don't want to spend your new year being lazy. So avoid beef!

7) Parsley

Why: There is superstition related to parsley & it is considered bad & unlucky, So try to avoid eating parsley on new year's eve.

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