Baked Chicken Breast

This recipe makes the best, easiest, juiciest oven-baked chicken breasts. A 30-minute weeknight meal that goes with any side dish.

Boneless, skinless baked chicken is considered dry, flavourless, and boring. However, Baked chicken can be juicy, moist, tender, and tasty.

It starts with simple seasoning and proper baking. Never again dry breasts!

Smoked paprika, Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, pepper flakes, salt, and pepper are my favourite dry rub ingredients. Feel free to customise this dry spice rub. Here, be creative.


Boneless, skinless chicken breast. Bone-in chicken breasts with skin take 30 to 40 minutes to cook.

Breast chicken

You only need a little to coat the baking dish and chicken. This helps the chicken's dry rub stick.

Olive oil 

I use unsalted butter to control sodium in recipes. Adding butter to each breast adds juiciness and a crispy top.


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