Not Just Stuffed Peppers: Bell Pepper Recipes

We're trying to convince people that bell peppers aren't just for stuffed peppers (although we really, really, really love stuffed peppers.) Bell peppers add fresh flavour to caponata, ratatouille, and our extra-garlicky romesco sauce.

How to Grill Peppers

Grilling bell peppers adds flavour quickly and easily. It'll make you rethink buying roasted peppers. After a quick marinade, a hot grill chars the peppers' skin and a covered lid steams and smokes them.

Classic Caponata

Five cups of this classic Sicilian dish may seem like a lot, but it's the perfect condiment, toast-topper, pasta mix-in, and chicken and seafood accompaniment.

Foil-pack sausage-and-peppers

Sausage and peppers make a quick, easy meal. They're great alone, but better in a bun or with pasta.

Classic Muhammara

Muhammara is a Middle Eastern dip made of roasted red peppers, walnuts, and bread crumbs. Muhammara's signature flavour comes from pomegranate molasses. Serve this vegan dip with carrots, celery, peppers, pita bread, or chips.

Chicken Peanut Pasta Salad

Skip the summer pasta salad. This pasta salad has a creamy peanut dressing and no mayonnaise. It's easy to make and delicious hot or cold, so you can make it ahead.

Pork With Peppers

This easy weeknight dinner requires only halved bell peppers and wedged onions; the oven tenderises the boneless pork shoulder. Serve with creamy parmesan polenta, roasted beet goat cheese salad, and citrus olive oil cake.


This French dish is loaded with vegetables. It's one of our favourite ways to use summer produce, especially with French bread.

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