Best Being Single Zodiac Signs!

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1) Gemini

Whoever is familiar with the Gemini personality knows that this sign does not often do well in long-term relationships.


This sign is conscious that they can rapidly turn from hot to cold, therefore they only want to start a relationship if they are certain it will succeed.

2) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not frightened of commitment, but only if they believe they have discovered "The One."


This zodiac sign likes a carefree existence while they are alone; hence, they are apprehensive of potential partners who are excessively possessive or interested.

3) Aquarius

While they are among the most empathetic and generous of people, they also demand moments of solitude to develop their ideas and perspectives.


They demand someone who fully comprehends and shares their perspective, which is more challenging than it sounds.

4) Pisces

They are eager to show compassion and dedication, yet they are soon overwhelmed.


Many Pisces are motivated to find a way out of their present relationship because they believe they do not deserve their current mate.

5) Virgo

When Virgos meet a spouse, they have an image of the ideal relationship in mind, and life as a couple is not without obstacles.


However, Virgo will not accept anything that is not immaculate. They would rather wait for "The Perfect Partner," no matter how long it takes.

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