Can Bubble Wrap Be Recycled?

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You enjoyed popping bubble wrap as a child and continue to do so as an adult. It has a strangely pleasant quality to it, not to mention being stress-relieving.

But, bubble wrap is an environmental stressor, like water bottles and Styrofoam. So, except avoiding this packing material, what can you do? Recyclable bubble wrap?

Harder plastics made from PET or HDPE are RICs #1 and #2 for recycling. Most recycling machines can handle these categories. 

But bubble wrap is produced from a RIC #4 material: low-density polyethylene. You'll find shrink wrap among other plastic films, bags, and wraps in this class.

The main difficulty is that recycling equipment become clogged up with bubble wrap and other plastic films. This involves time and money to fix the recycling equipment.

Also, contamination can happen. All recyclables must be separated. Even if an item is recyclable, it may be rejected if placed in the wrong bin.

Separate bubble wrap from other plastics. Break down combo items like a bubble-wrap-lined envelope and recycle each part.

Find a recycling facility that specializes in this sort of plastic. With the correct information, it's easy to add to your recycling regimen.

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