Can You Get COVID-19 From Mosquito Bites?

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It is bad enough when mosquitoes bite us. Some individuals may experience hives, fever, or lymph node enlargement in response to a bite.

When they transmit diseases such as dengue, Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus,  and malaria, they become much more vicious.

As humans adapt to COVID-19, you may question if mosquitoes carry the virus. Researchers are looking into this.

A 2020 study published in Scientific Reports demonstrated that COVID virus cannot replicate in mosquitoes, even under harsh conditions.

Also, studies showed that even if a mosquito bit someone who had the disease, it wouldn't be able to spread it to other individuals.

Due to the fact that mosquitoes and other arthropods don't seem to contract coronaviruses, experts were not really expecting anything more to happen.

If you want to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, it's better to stay indoors and out of the open air at night, when they are most active.

The use of a commercial insect repellant is another option, however those containing more than 30% DEET should be avoided.

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