Chefs Warn Against Buying These Foods Frozen!

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7) Herbs

Dana Bujalski, a personal chef enjoys incorporating herbs into the meals she prepares for herself & her clients. She, on the other hand, would never buy frozen herbs.

6) Bread

While frozen dough items for baking at home may be useful, Bujalski advises avoiding frozen ready-made bread. It's not so much a nutrition as it is its consistency.

5) Strawberries

Because strawberries are permeable, they become oversaturated with water and virtually disintegrate when frozen.

4) Scallops

Scallops, whether injected with water or not, retain water and, when cooked, shrink to half their original size or more, and can also become rough in texture.

3) Burger patties

When preparing for a backyard BBQ, frozen, pre-made burger patties may be tempting to purchase. However, you should resist that temptation.

2) Choux pastry desserts

Cream puffs from a freezer are a poor, chewy imitation of the real thing. Both the shell and the filling fail to live up to the standards of bakery-bought.

1) Broccoli

Irby claims that cooked frozen broccoli is inedibly mushy. Another thing that bothers her is that a bag of broccoli sometimes has more stems than florets.

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