Chewing Gum Can Provide These Great Benefits!

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1)  Fewer cavities & dental issues

There is some evidence to suggest that chewing sugar-free gum for a set period of time after meals can reduce the likelihood of developing cavities.

Chewing can "wash away" potential causes by releasing more saliva, which enhances tooth calcium exposure and potentially promotes healthier teeth.

2) Fewer ear infections

To avoid ear infections, kids should chew gum containing Xylitol. Fruits and vegetables naturally contain xylitol, a sugar alcohol.

Xylitol can be used to treat ear infections, and it can also reduce the quantity of bacteria that cause tooth decay in saliva.

3) Stimulation of bowel movements

Chewing gum after surgery may help control and improve the consistency of your bowel movements.

If you undergone gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, chewing sugar-free gum many times each day after surgery may help you regain bowel function more rapidly.

4) Craving of fewer sweets

Chewing gum can satisfy your sweet appetite if you're constantly craving something sweet, whether after a meal or as a lunchtime snack.

According to some research, chewing gum can satisfy a person's sweet craving while also helping them regulate their weight.

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