Do Dogs Also Watch TV Like Us?

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Have you ever sat on the sofa with your dog and witnessed him fixating on the television? It could be a second dog, a bird, or a different animal, he is watching.

We are aware that dogs and people sense color and light differently; therefore, their eyes do not perceive the same things. So, do dogs view television?

Yes, They Watch TV

The response is predominantly positive. Several animals watch television! The television programming can captivate dogs.

They Watch With Attention

A dog's interest, like that of people, is determined by their attention span and sensitivity to motion. Furthermore, depending on the volume, they may react to TV sounds.

But Not All of Them Have Interest

And just as dogs and humans have different preferences, so too do different breeds of dogs have different levels of interest in watching television.

Does the ability of dogs to watch television imply that they should? Yes, watching television can help alleviate mild separation anxiety.


Some advertisements or shows may be upsetting to dogs. Dogs are disturbed by explosions, shooting, sirens, and wailing. Therefore, excessive television viewing can be unsettling.

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