Do Dogs Experience Nightmares?

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Although dogs sleep differently than humans, we have many similarities, including the experience of nighttime terrors.

But dogs probably don't dream about being naked at school or losing all their teeth. Those are fears that only people have. So, who do they see in their dreams?

Do Dogs Dream?

Yes. AKC says your dog's sleep habits are similar to yours. Dogs experience SWS and REM. Dogs spend 10% of their sleep in REM.

 According to Wag, a dog's dreams are typically a reenactment of a highly formative incident or a depiction of common behaviors.

Do Dogs Have Nightmares?

Dogs can have nightmares and other dreams, according to the AKC. Small dogs dream more than giant dogs, but their dreams are shorter.

What's their dreams are about?

Dogs can't dream up terrible monsters like humans, so if they're having a nightmare, they're probably recalling a painful event.

Should you wake your dog?

The AKC warns that if you wake your dog from a nightmare, he or she may become agitated and perhaps bite because he or she may be confused and fearful.

Wag! says that more traumatized dogs have nightmares. Making your dog's sleeping place more calm and safe can assist with nightmares.

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