Do Dogs Have Memories Of Their Siblings Or Parents?

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Humans may find it weird when dogs leave their parents and siblings so young. Do our dogs recall siblings and parents after leaving home?

Yes, Dogs can recognize siblings even after years apart. This depends on how long they were puppies together and how long they've been apart.

Canine Cottages found that dogs will only know their siblings if they were raised together for at least 16 weeks.

Dogs may appear to be unconcerned about being separated from their family, and in many respects they are, but they still have a very profound attachment with one another.

How Long Do They Remember?

While dogs remember and know their siblings if they spend enough time with them before birth, that memory does not persist forever.

At the very least, the dogs must re-acquaint themselves during the next five to seven years. The more they wait, the less likely they are to recognize each other.

Do they remember their mothers?

Even after two years apart, puppies who had been kept with their moms for at least the first twelve weeks of their lives could still identify their mothers.

Puppies will remember their mother's pheromone fragrance for years, and mothers will likely know their offspring for at least a few years.

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