Do Energy Drinks Make Heartburn Worse?

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Energy drinks come in dozens of kinds and provide a convenient energy boost. Consuming these beverages frequently has several dangers.

Energy drinks, according to Cooking Light, are quite acidic. Consuming acidic meals and beverages on a regular basis might cause acid reflux and heartburn.

Those who are prone to heartburn while consuming energy drinks should steer clear of them.

Nonetheless, if you take an energy drink once in a while and don't have any problems, there's no reason to stop.

Effects on Teeth

Energy drink acidity can damage teeth and gums and create heartburn. Energy drinks can damage dental health, research shows.

Effects on Teeth

Energy drink consumers are more likely to have gum disease and tooth decay than sports drink consumers, according to a research in General Dentistry.


You may be addicted to energy drinks if going without them for even a few days causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms like headaches and jitters.

Withdrawal Issues

If you're hooked to energy drinks, you may drink them more than water or other drinks, feel less invigorated after consuming them, and have difficulties sleeping.

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