Do Moldy Berries Destroy the Entire Batch?

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Eating moldy berries is a poor idea because you can't determine from your home kitchen if the fungi is buddy (like the tangy stuff in blue cheese) or foe.

However, if you look closely and trust your gut, you should be able to determine whether or not the berries around you are safe to consume.

If a berry that has been touching a moldy berry is "fresh, plump, and not leaking or breaking apart," it is likely clear of fungi.

Mold thrives on berries because they are so juicy. They have "a lot of moisture and sugar," which are essential for the growth of mold.

How To Avoid Moldy Berries?

By exerting a small amount of additional effort to purchase and store berries, you can reduce food waste, as well as the loss of both money and mind.

How To Avoid Moldy Berries?

Soak your haul in vinegar bath for a minute before rinsing and drying on paper towels, a clean dish cloth, or in a salad spinner.

How To Avoid Moldy Berries?

Adding moisture, a mold catalyst, may seem paradoxical, but vinegar's acid kills germs and fungi on berries.

How To Avoid Moldy Berries?

After buying and washing your berries, put them in a paper-towel-lined container with the lid off or ajar to let the fruit breathe.

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