Do not follow these 36 bad cooking tips at all costs.

There's a lot of bad cooking advice out there, from washing raw chicken to tossing out stale bread. This is a list of cooking advice you should never follow, from the dangerous to the utterly useless.

The truth has been revealed.

If a recipe calls for ground garlic, use it; otherwise, chop it. How garlic is prepped and cooked affects its intensity and flavour. Sliced or chopped garlic is milder than crushed. Whole roasted cloves are mildest.

Garlic can be chopped anyway.

Garlic and onions are often cooked together. Garlic cooks quickly, especially when chopped or ground small. Avoid burnt garlic by adding it at the end of cooking, unless the dish contains a sauce or liquid.

Simultaneously sauté onion and garlic

To release their aromas, toast most spices before cooking. Garam masala is added at the end of cooking to enhance the curry's flavour.

Any stage can add spices.

Celery leaves (or celery tops) can be used as a herb. Chop as you would fresh herbs and use as a garnish or in stocks, soups, and stews.

Useless celery leaves

Tomatoes shouldn't be refrigerated because the cold affects their texture and taste. Once ripe, eat tomatoes within three to five days on a kitchen worktop out of direct sunlight. Place tomatoes in a paper bag with an apple or banana, which release ethylene gas.

Refrigerate tomatoes.

Whisk eggs and seasoning before cooking in hot butter for perfect scrambled eggs. Adding milk, cream, or water will make the eggs runny and dilute the flavour. This is one of the top 50 food mistakes.

Eggs with milk

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