Do Screaming Have Any Health Benefits?

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Screaming is a form of vocal expression that can be taken in either a positive or bad light. When people shout, it's usually because of excitement or fear.

According to WebMD, you may want to do this more regularly because screaming may be beneficial to your health.

When we scream at the top of our lungs, our physical and mental health are immediately affected. As it turns out, screaming may actually assist to boost one's mood.

It can boost confidence. By speaking affirmations or incantations aloud, you engage your neurological system and focus on the emotions you want.

Therapists once used primal scream treatment. This 1960s psychotherapy involves the patient crying out their anger while sitting on the couch.

U.S. psychiatrist and author of "The Primal Scream" Dr. Arthur Janov created primal scream therapy. In an effort to help the patient express suppressed feelings.

Scream therapy is based on the idea that when you scream, your body releases endorphins, a hormone that has a calming effect.

While the release of endorphins during exercise may provide some short-term pleasure, getting to that state of euphoria can be quite an ordeal.

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