Does Gluten-Rich Food Cause Acne?

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Acne may be frustrating, especially if you've exhausted all of your options for clearing up the unsightly breakouts on your face.

According to Healthline, some people believe that switching to a gluten-free diet helps them eliminate acne.

Sadly, Healthline reports that there is no scientific evidence to support claims that gluten-free diets can help clear acne.

While gluten proteins have been found to have no effect on acne, carbohydrate-rich foods such as bread, spaghetti, and chips have been linked to acne.

Dietary and lifestyle modifications can help clear acne. But, Protein powders and dairy products might exacerbate acne.

Fortunately, it has been discovered that eating a variety of meals on a daily basis will help clear up acne.

Salmon, spinach, kale, flaxseeds, almonds, soy, wild rice, and grass-fed beef are just a few of the foods high in omega-3 fatty acids that might help clear up acne.

In addition to minimizing acne, consuming a plant-based diet rich in whole foods may also be beneficial. These foods also boost energy and aid in weight loss.

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