Each Zodiac's Thoughts About Friends With Benefits

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You will not be like to be in a relationship when friends with benefits. But if you consider others' need, you may like to change it to the relationship. 


You can't stand that the other person is casual with you and not serious so friends with benefits are not for you. 


Gemini friends with benefits are for you as you like to change relationships and can't commit. 


You are suspicious of people and can't trust easily so you will like to do friends with benefits rather than relationship. 


As you like being the center of attention, you can't stand casual relationships, so friends with benefits is not for you.


You are all about work and your goals, so can't give much time for a relationship so a friend-with-benefits type thing will work for you. 


As you are still hurt from pas relationships you don't want to get hurt again so you like being friends with benefits. 


As you are mysterious you want to be that way and don't want to show your emotions, so you prefer friends with benefits. 


As you are a free and adventurous zodiac sign, you can't invest much time in a relationship so a friends-with-benefits will work for you. 


You are all about rules and traditional ways so you will not like friends with benefits & prefer relationships. 


As you like to be independent and have your own ways, you like being in friends-with-benefits kind of thing. 


As you can fall easily, friends-with-benefits is good for you as you can do things that make you happy & change afterwards. 

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