What to Cook When You're Exhausted: Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas

Fish doesn't have to be a special occasion meal. Herby breadcrumbs provide most of the flavour in this easy dish. (Tip: Freeze the topping for last-minute meals.)

Ready in 30 minutes, beginner-friendly, 10 ingredients, crowd-pleaser, Mediterranean diet-friendly

Herb-crusted fish takes 15 minutes.

Do you like fried chicken? This skillet dinner has similar flavour without the deep-frying.

One pan, easy, under 500 calories

Honey-hot chicken thighs

When eating feels like a chore, buy a rotisserie chicken. (See number 34 on this list for proof.) If you're feeling ambitious, make a second tray and freeze it.

Kid-friendly, beginner-friendly, make-ahead

 Easy Green Chicken Enchiladas

You love salad and creamy pasta. This meal includes a pound each of greens and noodles for balance.

10 ingredients, vegetarian, kid-friendly

50-50 Buttered Noodles and Greens

What if you could cook rice and protein together? Realize your dreams.

One-pot, 10 ingredients, high protein, dairy-free

 Teriyaki Salmon Bowls

We'll always love a mayo-based salad, but tuna is boring. Canned chickpeas are convenient, protein-rich, and vegetarian.

Vegetarian, ready in 30 minutes, beginner-friendly, no cook

Chickpea sandwich

If you're exhausted by dinnertime, cook early. This dish is comforting and hands-off.

Slow cooker recipe, crowd-pleaser, high protein, less than 500 calories.

Green Chicken Chili

This classic pasta uses canned tomatoes, but the oven concentrates the juices into a rich sauce.

10-ingredient, make-ahead, kid-friendly

roasted tomato bucatini

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