The  Dinners That Cook in 10 Minutes (or Less!) are here!

This chicken rice bowl recipe is easy to make on a weeknight, and I usually have all the ingredients. I saute onion and pepper before making instant rice. Adding sharp cheddar cheese is optional.


They're great with chips, beans, or rice. Cover and ice them to take to a picnic or potluck. They're delicious hot or cold.


Our restaurant-owning son taught me to make Garlic Lime Shrimp. I make this dish often with the area's plentiful shrimp. It's delicious over rice.

Shrimp garlic-lime

We love this summertime grilled chicken salad. The blueberry-maple vinaigrette is the star. It's delicious with a baguette and minty lemonade.

Blueberry-grilled chicken salad

When rhubarb appears in gardens and farmers markets, I make these air-fried pork chops.

Rhubarb-Air-Fried Pork Chops

On a weeknight, you can whip up this spicy family favourite with just a few simple ingredients.

Chicken Black Bean Rice

The apples and spinach remain crunchy thanks to a light sweet-tangy dressing. Salad with homemade bread is our go-to side dish.

Salad of Hot Spinach and Apples

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