Foods that will make you sleep like a baby

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Shut-eye foods

Who doesn't love grilled fish, veggies, and red wine? A Mediterranean diet can help you sleep better and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. In a 2019 study, participants slept better the more they followed a Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet

Low calcium intake is linked to difficulty falling asleep and less restful sleep, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Canned sardines provide calcium for people who can't or won't eat dairy. Fortified plant milks, nuts, and green vegetables can help vegans sleep.

Canned sardines

A banana contains 375mg of potassium, nearly a fifth of the daily recommendation. This bendy fruit provides vitamin B6 before bed. Low B6 interferes with serotonin synthesis, causing sleep disorders.


Magnesium in Brazil nuts boosts melatonin levels and relaxes muscles. Studies show that magnesium supplements improve sleep when blood magnesium levels are low.

Brazil nuts

Almonds contain magnesium and promote sleep. In one study, eating 10 almonds daily for 14 days reduced insomnia by 10%.


A 2016 study linked high fibre intake to more restful sleep. 26 adults spent five nights in a sleep lab while their nutrient intake was monitored.

Whole grains

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