People have been cooking incorrectly their entire lives.

Cooking is difficult. Even simple dishes are often made wrong. Most errors have simple solutions. Here are foods you've been cooking wrong and how to fix them.

Put Down That Spatula

Overcooking or skipping an ice bath can ruin eggs. Cooking without a lid will result in a perfect yolk but undercooked egg whites. Adding water and a lid helps.

Eggs sunny-side-up

Boiling Brussels Sprouts isn't technically wrong, but the moisture makes them squishy and smelly. Don't trim them too much. Choose the right heat and add bacon or butter sauce for the perfect dish.

Brussels Sprouts

Perfecting rice is difficult. Lifting the lid will drop the temperature, resulting in overcooked outsides and mushy insides. Wash rice first to remove excess starch and separate grains.


Why are you cooking bacon on the stove when it's called "baked"? Baking bacon has many benefits. Bacon on a foil-lined baking sheet prevents burning and greasy cleanup. Starting bacon in a cold oven prevents curling and shrinking.


Adding sugar to marinara sauce to reduce acidity is a common kitchen hack. Instead of sugar, try a San Marzano plum tomato. Sweet potato, baking soda, or cinnamon can mask the bitterness of marinara sauce.

Marinara Sauce

Before cooking asparagus, you've probably been told to cut off the thick base. How high should you cut? Is it the same for each piece? Simple. Hands-on bending. They'll snap naturally.


Overcooked chicken breast and pork chops are easy to make. These meats must be fully cooked to avoid foodborne illness, so many people overcook them. Invest in a thermometer to ensure perfectly cooked, juicy meat.

Chicken Breasts and Pork Chops

Many of us cook garlic incorrectly, which is surprising because it's a savoury staple. Burning garlic makes food bitter and can ruin a dish. Instead of chopping garlic, grate it and avoid cooking it too hot.


It's easy to mess up a steak at home. Many people cook steak incorrectly by oiling the pan, cooking it while it's still cold, or cooking it on one side. Perfecting a steak takes time. Before cooking, let meat reach room temperature. Steak, not pan, should be oiled.


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