Here's how much NBA star LeBron James is worth.

This year, LeBron James won't be a part of the NBA Finals, but he's already a billionaire.

According to Forbes, the 37-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star has joined the three-comma club. First NBA player to become a millionaire.

Michael Jordan is the only other NBA great to become a billionaire, and he did so after retiring.

James just ended a two-year, $85 million agreement with the Lakers and has earned $387 million, per Spotrac. Since 2003, he's made $900 million in sponsorships, per Forbes.

James has started several successful businesses during his 19-year career. In 2016, he signed a speculated $1 billion lifetime agreement with Nike. James never acknowledged the sum.

James has ties with restaurants including Blaze Pizza, where he has a $10 million share. He's an investor in Fenway Sports Group and saw a profit from the Beats sale to Apple in 2014.

Forbes says he owns $80 million in property, including a $37 million Beverly Hills residence.

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