How Accurate Are Fitbits?

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Fitbit, a major fitness tracker competitor, offers smart wearables that track more than steps. TechRadar named Fitbit Luxe 2022's best fitness tracker.

Before assessing Fitbit accuracy, know the model you're using. Some Fitbit devices simply measure steps and monitor sleep during inactivity.

Other tracking devices can provide information about estimated calories burned, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 levels, and skin temperature, among other metrics.

Are Fitbits Accurate?

According to LifeWire, the Fitbit can be trusted to accurately record your daily step count. Yes, but what about the other functions of the more advanced fitness?

However, estimating energy expenditure, or calories burned, is not as accurate. When it comes to measuring energy expenditure, Fitbits appear to be a little inflated.

Furthermore, there appear to be inconsistencies in the device's ability to accurately assess exercise activities.

Fitbit appears to be aware of these errors, as evidenced by a number of answers in the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of their website.

Fitbit Know About This!

Mistakes and interference with external elements, as well as user mistake and pressure fluctuations owing to wind and elevation, are cited by the company.

While Fitbits cannot tell you everything, they are an excellent tool for increasing your daily step count and monitoring your overall activity levels.

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