How Coffee Become The Choice-Drink Of The Morning?

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It's fascinating that following a nocturnal start, this beverage is designed to be consumed in the morning. Why is that, and how did it happen?

Europeans were drinking more alcohol, even first thing in the morning, and coffee was seen as a healthier alternative.

How it happened?

Different countries consumed alcohol in the morning in a variety of ways, and everyone had their own approach to the first drink of the day.

Breakfast for Romans consisted of bread drenched in wine, tea spiked with rum for British soldiers, hard cider for youngsters, and beer soup for Germans.

How coffee rised?

In the 1700s, coffee was no longer a luxury drink reserved for the wealthy. Coffee was inexpensive and grew in popularity among the general people, transforming Europe.

It was a drink that offered a good buzz, but with a sense of alertness, as opposed to the lethargic and dull feeling that alcohol gave.

According to the National Coffee Association (NCA), beer and wine, which were once often consumed at breakfast, have been supplanted by coffee.

People observed a significant improvement in their energy levels and work quality without the hangover.

Coffee ultimately made its way to the United States, and following the Boston Tea Party, it became everyone's favorite brew.

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