How Diet Soda Is Resulting In More Belly Fat?

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Diet Coke may seem like a weight-loss drink. But studies show, diet soda causes weight gain and abdominal fat. Why it is if it is calorie-free?

What is in Diet Coke?

Diet Coke is typically sweetened with an artificial sweetener, such as sucralose, and hence has no additional calories or sugar.

It is related to weight gain!

Several studies suggest that regular intake of diet Coke may be connected with weight gain, despite the fact that this may be appealing.

Some individuals may also experience unwanted side effects, such as abdominal distention caused by gas.

Furthermore, carbonation is a significant factor. Due to the microscopic air bubbles in soda, you may experience bloating and flatulence after drinking it.

How It Affects Body?

Diet drinks are calorie-free and don't alter daily intake. If we drink a zero-calorie drink, our body may need additional calories.

Studies have shown that drinking diet soda can make you hungrier. There was a correlation between diet soda use and increased food intake.

The problem isn't with diet soda per such, but with the fact that people who drink it may also engage in other unhealthy practices.

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