How Long Should Tap Water Be Run Before Consumption?

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Tap water consumption is routine. However, when doing so, it is advisable to let the water run for a period of time before consuming it.

The reason behind this is,  the amount of time water spends in distribution pipes and domestic plumbing favors water containing hazardous metals.

Lead is of particular concern, particularly in older buildings and communities, and Congress banned its use in water pipes and plumbing in 1986.

Nickel is another element that is not beneficial to the body and, in fact, can be harmful if consumed in large quantities.

Let the water run from the cold water tap for 15 to 30 seconds to flush out the pipes of any faucet that has not been used during the past six hours.

Put your fingers under the running water until it becomes considerably colder; this is another sign that you have drained away the water that has been sitting in the plumbing.

Always use the cold water tap whether you need to boil water for cooking, drinking, or making infant formula. More lead can be dissolved more quickly in hot water.

The length of the lead service line and whether or not your home has one might also affect how long you need to let the water run.

You can call your local water company to get advice on how to flush out your pipes and to find out if you have a lead service line.

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