How Many Time Should You Wash Your Face?

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Perspiration that accumulates throughout the day or overnight irritates the skin. Unwashed faces, whether day or night, are more prone to outbreaks. 

As a result, you should wash your face at least twice a day.  You should also consider the other advantages of washing your hands twice a day.

Washing your face removes extra oil and pollutants. Washing also maintains pH levels so that moisture outranks germs.

And, while it may not occur to you, twice-daily washing guarantees that your face maintains a clean canvas for any other cosmetic treatments you use.

You are, of course, the best judge of your own skin. Make a concerted effort to cleanse your face in the morning and at night if you aren't already.

The Healthy Facewash Routine

First, use some lukewarm water on your fingertips to gently wet your face. Apply a mild cleanser all over your face while it's still wet, and then rinse with more water.

The Healthy Facewash Routine

Pat your face with a towel. Air-dry it. Apply a little moisturizer afterwards. If you do, apply eye cream at night.

If you frequently wear makeup, use a light makeup remover to unclog your pores before washing your face.

And when you wash your face and get to your jaw, continue south until you get to your neck. It's easy to miss this location, but oil and grime build up here as well.

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