How Men Show They Love You, As Per Their Zodiac

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Aries is straightforward and as a man, Aries will directly tell you I love you with seriousness. Also, they will send good morning texts and care as a way of showing love.


Taurus is into saying 'I love you' rather they will spend time with you, share food with you, pay for you, and hold the door open for you. 


Gemini is not the ones to say 'I love you' but as a way of showing love, they will like to listen to you. They will let you talk and listen to you closely.


They will care for you as a way fo showing love, They will cook food for you, watch Netflix, and even more, they will meet you with their family.


Leo will show they love you by giving you more time than anything and prioritizing you. They will also spend more time with you always. 


They will show their love in a subtle way. They will prioritize you over others and your needs over theirs. 


Libra's way of showing they are in love with you is that they will get more personal and share everything with you., Then you can know you are special to them.


Scorpio's way of showing love is intense stare sessions, making love & a lot of intimacy. They will make you happy in bed. 


If a Sagittarius loves you, they will make you laugh and the best will be he wants to go travel only with you. This is the biggest way of showing love for them.


They will show you they love you with their smartness and their moves. They will remember little things about you and will even let you meet his family.


If an Aquarius man is in love with you, he will show his love by sharing everything with you, their places, books and also giving attention to you.


Pisces the sensitive zodiac sign will show love as a man with their caring nature, sending cute texts, giving little kisses, and sharing their food. 

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