How Much Do Physician Assistants Earn?

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Knowing a job's pay can help you choose a career or position. You probably want to know the salary range for physician assistants?

PAs perform patient exams, prescribe medications, and create treatment plans, according to the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science.

Physician assistants earn a median income of $115,390 per year, or $55.48 per hour (via Live About).

PAs earn more than the average American worker, who in 2021 made $45,760 per year (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Given that physician assistants are licensed medical professionals, it's not surprising that they earn six figures.

Top PAs earn an average of $162,470 per year (or $78.11 per hour), while bottom PAs earn less than $76,700 (or $36.87 per hour) (via Live About).

According to reports, the highest paying PA positions are in outpatient clinics, with dermatology and critical care medicine PAs also earning well.

PAs make $10,000 less per year than Nurse Practitioner, according to Nursing Process. NPs make $81,410 per year and PAs $72,720.

Despite the fact that physician assistants are not the highest-paid medical professionals, they earn significantly more than the average American worker.

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