How Peanut Butter Can Be Bad For You?

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Many people regard peanut butter as one of their favorite snacks. However, your daily Protein dose may have some negative side effects. Let's take a look at those!

1) It can cause acid reflux!

Peanut butter consumption in excess can cause or aggravate generalized acid reflux disorder, or GERD.

GERD is a digestive disorder that causes a burning sensation when acidic stomach contents or food and fluids from the stomach run back up into the esophagus.

2) You may be consuming unhealthy fats!

It's possible that certain brands of peanut butter are using more oil than is typical in their products.

Some commercial brands of peanut butter contain saturated fat, typically sourced from palm oil or fully hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is not ideal for your diet.

3) They may contain dangerous mold type. 

Astoundingly, peanut butter may contain aflatoxins, a cancer-causing substance found in Aspergillus mold.

Peanuts grow underground and are frequently infested with mold. A few human studies have linked aflatoxins to liver cancer, so knowing this information may be useful.

4) You may be consuming high sugar!

Some of the same commercial manufacturers who add oils to your peanut butter may be hiding added sugars in their products.

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