How Should You Store Expensive Whisky?

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The value of collector bottles is now more closely associated with the worlds of art and timepieces than with those of alcohol or bartending.

If you have a collection of bottles (or simply a few), you should store them correctly. So, how to store expensive whiskey?

How to store?

If you don't have access to a cold storage facility, the coolest room in your house will do just well for aging fine whisky.

How to store?

As a result, no alcohol evaporation, often known as the "angel's share" by industry insiders, will be lost, lowering the value of the bottle.

How to keep them?

Unlike wine, whisky must be stored upright. Unlike wine, whisky should be stored vertically to prevent sediment accumulation.

How to keep them?

Whiskey can leak out of a bottle if it's tilted because the high alcohol content dissolves the cork.

In what light condition to store?

To preserve labels, keep bottles in the dark. This will also effect the future value of the whisky, as pristine labels are more valuable than damaged ones.

Keep these factors in mind the next time you decide to buy a bottle of Luxury Whisky, and enjoy the benefits of your efforts. Slainte, cheers, and many thanks.

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