How To Attract A Man: Law Of MAGNETICS

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If you want a man and his attraction towards you, then you need to follow the law of MAGNETICS. Here what it means: 

Meaning Of M.

Respect his masculinity & don't make it look wrong or toxic. Let him protect and treat you. 

Meaning Of A.

Provide him your acceptance and appreciation. Accept him as he is and don't try to polish him. 

Meaning Of G.

Show him that you are Grateful towards him and that you guys met. 

Meaning Of N.

Be Nurturing and provide him good space and environment so that he can be better with you. 

Meaning Of E.

Be Easygoing and don't be rough with him. Don't try to change him or continuously fight with him. 

Meaning Of T.

Let him know that you are Trustworthy and that you will stay with him through thick and thin. 

Meaning Of I.

Stay independent and let him be independent. Do not try to overlap in each other's life. 

Meaning Of C.

Captivate him so that he always thinks about you and wants to be with you. 

Meaning Of S.

Show him that you can be Soulmates and can stay together for a long time. 

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