How to Beat Arthritis: 7 Breakfast Habits!

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1) Add nuts or nut butter to breakfast

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats, which is good news for folks with arthritic symptoms because these fats have anti-inflammatory qualities.

2) Take Enough Protein

Focus on eggs, Greek yogurt, protein smoothies, and berries. The Arthritis Foundation recommends eating enough protein for muscle mass and function.

3) Eat Whole Grains

Instead of bagels, choose oatmeal or whole wheat toast. Whole grains provide anti-inflammatory fiber to ease arthritic symptoms.

4) Eat colorful fruits

According to both nutritionists, eating fruits at breakfast can help maintain arthritis and minimize inflammation.

5) Eat Healthy Fats

Both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats contribute to a reduced risk of disease and are considered healthy fats.

6) Eat Vegetables Too

Vegetables improve antioxidants and fiber in breakfast. Adding vegetables to your breakfast for arthritis makes sense.

7) Don't skip breakfast

It is beneficial to begin the day with nutritious foods that are high in anti-inflammatory effects. Breakfast also stimulates the metabolism.

Adults who skip breakfast are more likely to lose out on crucial nutrients, including vitamin C, which helps relieve arthritis pain.

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