How to Clean a Grill Without Using a Brush?

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A clean grill is the best thing in the world. When the grills are clean, it's time to get the charcoal, hot dogs, and burgers ready for the first cookout of the year.

But you need a clean grill before you can do that. But if you don't have a brush, don't worry. There's a simple way to clean your grill when you don't have a brush.

This method needs no sprays or instruments. Aluminum foil is all needed. Aluminum foil makes barbecue cleanup as easy as saying "light up the grill."

Step - 1

First, you should heat up your grill. This will make it easier to get the dirt off.

Step - 2

Make a ball out of a sheet of aluminum foil. The ball needs to be the same size as your grates so it doesn't fall through.

Step - 3

Scrub away! It is safer not to put your hands on a hot grill, so you should use tongs to hold the aluminum. Make sure to put some effort into it.

How To Keep Grill Clean?

First, allow your grill to cool completely after cleaning it. Once cool, brush the grill with a high heat cooking oil such as canola or peanut oil.

How To Keep Grill Clean?

Use a paper towel to evenly coat the grates with oil. Then relight the grill for 30 minutes to settle the oil.

Your grill will last longer if you keep it clean. A simple scrub with aluminum foil and a swipe of new oil will make a big difference over time.

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