How To Grow Potatoes

Potatoes originated in Peru and Bolivia, according to genetic testing. Southern U.S. wild potatoes. I grow mine in 20-gallon Smart Pots in my Midwest urban yard.

To ensure a long harvest, many gardeners grow early, mid-, and late-season potatoes. Purple, blue, and creamy white potatoes, in addition to brown and red, have white flesh.

Types of Potatoes

80-90 days after planting, harvest.
Red-skinned Norland resists potato scab.
Yukon Gold is oblong and yellow.

Early season potatoes

90-110 days after planting, harvest.
French Fingerling and Purple Viking are popular.
Mid- or late-season Kennebec.

Mid-season potatoes

135 days after planting, harvest.Purple Peruvian, Fingerling Salad, Russet, German Butterball.

Potato PlantingPotato plants aren't sold in nurseries or garden centres. You can grow potatoes from seed potato or seed.

Traditional potato planting. Potatoes are used as seed. Each egg-sized piece has growth points (AKA eyes). Garden centres and online seed merchants have the widest selection of disease-free seed potatoes.

Seed potato planting

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