How To Know If Chicken Is Ok To Eat?

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Can you determine whether the chicken has gone bad only by smelling it? How do you know if a chicken is bad or not?

1) Expiration Date

The dates of food expiration are not always apparent. Keeping track of days helps. Whether chicken is cooked or raw, its expiration date varies.

For Raw Chicken

Check the packaging's expiration date before leaving the supermarket. After that date, the chicken can be consumed for up to two days.

For Cooked Chicken

Put chicken in the fridge to cool down as soon as you can after cooking it. Don't forget to give your chicken storage container a name and a date so you know when it will go bad.

2) Smell

If chicken has been sealed in its own juices for a long time, it may smell a little bit "funky." Chicken that smells very strong should be a warning sign.

3) Texture

Raw chicken should have a shiny, moist, and somewhat slippery texture. Throw away anything slimy, tacky, or sticky.

4) Appearance 

You can tell whether chicken has gone rotten based on its appearance. Keep a look out for the following warning signs in raw and cooked chicken.

For Raw Chicken 

The best chicken has a beautiful pink exterior and white fat. The chicken isn't fresh if the colors have faded to gray or the skin feels dry and hard.

For Cooked Chicken

It is 165 degrees Fahrenheit when chicken changes from pink to opaque white. Any other hues, like yellow or green, should be discarded immediately.

How Long Does Chicken Last?

Uncooked chicken has a two-day shelf life in the fridge. It's best consumed no more than three to four days after cooking.

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