How to Melt Ice Fast? Quick Hack!

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During the dark and chilly winter months, the last thing you want to do is clear your driveway of ice and snow.

We hear ya! Even though rock salt can be used to quickly melt ice, it is not always readily available as temperatures plummet. What should one do?

There's one solution!

Thankfully, winter-proofing your home does not necessitate spending a fortune on rock salt or expensive equipment. You can make a de-icer with materials you currently own.

De-Icer Solution!

This amazing ice melter is also simple to create. Combine a half gallon of hot water, approximately six drops of dish soap, and a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol in a bucket.

The snow and ice will start to bubble up and melt as soon as you pour the mixture onto your sidewalk or driveway. Have a shovel on standby to remove any remaining ice.

How it works?

It turns out that rubbing alcohol has a significantly lower freezing point than water (128°F below 0), therefore it accelerates the melting process.

Use it for car windows!

It can also be used to clean car windows. Simply pour the solution into a spray bottle and use it to defrost your vehicle's windows.

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